RotW 1916 - Update Announcement - v1.4

14 Nov 2023 - FallingNinja

Early Access Build 5

Release Notes

Versus Battle

  • Fleet Battle is renamed to Versus Battle
  • New Game Mode Selection
    • Joust: ships travel “on rails” on a predetermined line. Accuracy and orientation are key. This is the original game mode.
    • Tactics: enables setting waypoints for ship movements, similar to real-time strategy (RTS) style controls. More control at the expense of increased responsibility.

New Features

  • Prepare Broadsides ability: instantly align all turrets on a warship to port, starboard, or the start position
  • Click to select: clicking any eligible friendly warship on the screen will now possess that ship
  • Hits counter: the number of successful hits now displays for the selected warship in the HUD
    • Note: a direct hit = 2, glancing blow = 1

Misc Additions & Improvements

  • Improved graphics: the material textures on ships have been revised to a higher quality/level of detail
  • Fix some minor visual issues in the Change Allegiance menu (Campaign)
  • Fix an error with the camera during level selection (Campaign)
  • Fix a defect that would occasionally cause the camera to teleport to the water surface level during binocular mode


  • Implement tactics mode option for multiplayer battles
  • Fix an issue where teammates could inadvertently change their ally’s camera view when changing turrets on a possessed ship
  • Fix an issue where selection circles would fail to clear when possessing a new unit (Tactics)

Known Issues

  • (Multiplayer) Statistics (i.e. score, hits, accuracy) count fails to properly display for non-hosting players (doesn’t affect victory conditions)
  • The dreadnought broadside ability can cause side turrets to aim at an angle that is not normally possible