RotW 1916 - Update Announcement - v1.2

21 Jul 2023 - FallingNinja

Early Access Build 3

Release Notes


  • Binocular Mode: Free look around from the crow’s nest to gain a vantage on fleet position and enemy movement

binocular mode gif screenshot

Fleet Battle

  • New game mode, replacing Quick Battle, featuring additional customization options

Fleet Builder

  • Choose from 8 different formations including Wedge, Cross, Slant, and others
  • Designate a flagship
  • Pick an escort from among any class of warship

fleet builder gif screenshot

Scenario Editor

  • Two new scenario types:
    • Deathmatch: Defeat the entire opposing fleet
    • Flagship: Destroy the enemy flagship

Rogue Mission

  • Upcoming: Rogue Mission will be a new “side mission” game mode with strategy, tactics, and rogue-lite elements


  • Fixed an issue that might occur after beating the campaign

Various Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added new boat wake visual feature
  • New Tips (i.e. Hints) menu
  • Compass direction now aligns with cardinal text
  • Intro sequence now only plays once per session
  • Continue reworking some systems for future multiplayer support