Privacy Policy Etc...

Privacy Policies
In general, Top Secret Studios LLC is not interested in collecting your personal information for analytical or other reasons. Many of our games make use of Game Center or Google Play Games for achievements and online leaderboards. Any data collected for cloud save or multiplayer systems is meant only for the functionality of these systems for the benefit of the user.
Offroad Kingz (オフロード・キングズ)
Offroad Kingz optionally uses your Game Center account to improve the player experience. If you do not want to share any Game Center information we recommend you log out before launching the app.
If you use the optional Cloud Save feature information from your Game Center account - specifically your Game Center name and ID - will be stored in our servers to identify the save file for when you load it. This is the only information collected with the exception of the game save file. Offroad Kingz account/save information may be anonymously analyzed to make improvements to the game. Your Game Center name may also be used to locate your save file to assist you.
Additionally,your Game Center name may be visible to other players in online play.
Cave Escape 3D (洞窟脱出 3D)
In Cave Escape 3D, levels are loaded and shared anonymously.
Croquet uses only official APIs for IAPs and achievement services. We do not have access to this data except for those that are provided by the respective app stores official analytics. Save data is stored locally and is not transmitted to our servers. For online play, a unique identifier is randomly generated for each game and does not contain any device or personal information. The game will access our servers to access services like the Message of the Day and verify app version prior to online play. Messages sent via multiplayer chat are temporarily stored so that they can be relayed to other players, and are removed on the next sync with the server during the match.
Croquet 2 (Association Edition)  
Android Croquet 2 uses the READ_PHONE_STATE permission on Android devices and therefore requires a privacy policy. This permission is used only for a feature that automatically pauses the game if it loses focus.
XBOX Signs in via the Xbox Live Service. This is a publisher requirement from Microsoft and is otherwise not utilized by the developer.
Deadness Board Pro
Deadness Board Pro does not connect to the internet or store any personal private data.