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Ruler of the Waves 1916

WWI naval combat turret shooter
Action; On-Rails Shooter
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Broadside thunder,

steel plate sundered,

munitions ablaze,

once triumphant -

sinking to a watery grave,

the Ruler of the Waves.

- Inscriptus

Man the turrets of mighty Dreadnought battleships and battlecruisers and blow your enemy out of the water to secure your position as… the Ruler of the Waves!

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Ruler of the Waves 1916 is a naval combat game and turret-based shooter. The main gameplay involves aiming and firing the turrets. Since turrets take 30 seconds to reload, the player must utilize multiple turrets on multiple ships to maximize their firepower. Things are made more difficult due to the movement of the ships and the sea, and consistent accuracy will be a challenge to all but the most experienced gunner. Sink all the enemy boats to achieve victory - with bonus points earned for quickness.

The game follows, in a fictional sense, the major battlecruiser engagements in WWI such as the Battles of Heligoland Bight and Jutland, which would be the last time ships of this kind reigned supreme before improvements to high-flying aircraft and deep-diving submarines made them all but obsolete.

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Dreadnought-era battleships and battlecruisers are similar in size and firepower, but differ in terms of armor thickness, turret layout, and speed. Battleships are more heavily armored, whereas battlecruisers have the advantage in mobility.

The player will have an opportunity to board both types of ship and unleash mighty salvos upon the opposing fleet.

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