Falling Ninja Productions is an indie video game and software developer. We are a solo dev meaning that most of the programming, art, and other work is done by one person.

Our mission is to produce games that are simple, creative, and fun.

Falling Ninja Productions was founded in 2004 in the USA. Our first game, the infinite runner platform game, Cave Escape, was programmed in Game Maker 5.3a and published on the old Game Maker Showcase. During this time, we won some contests and collaborated with fellow pixel artists in the community.

We began focusing on mobile apps in 2013 and formed an official publishing company called Top Secret Studios in 2015. Today, we develop in Game Maker: Studio and Unreal Engine 5 and distribute our programs on mobile, console, and PC.

We are interested in exploring the latest technologies in art, design, 3D modelling, music production, and game programming.

We hope that you will give our games a try.

Check out the News page for the latest developments.