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  • The Great Website Refresh of 2023 - 28 Jul 2023

    • Over the past few months, we’ve been busy with some changes to our website that we are excited to share. The new experience will be better designed, more efficient, and useful for anyone browsing our games.

  • Retro Remaster Extravaganza - 18 Jun 2023

    • After discovering some long lost backups, and tinkering around to update our systems, we are pleased to announce the remastered re-releases of some of the original Falling Ninja games.

  • Happy Retirement, Devices - 21 May 2023

    • With the App Store recently updating their submission requirements, we are bidding farewell to two of our workhorses - this 2013 Macbook Air and iPhone 6s Plus - that have fallen out of official support.

  • Ruler of the Waves 1916 - Update Plans - 28 Jan 2023

    • It’s been a couple months since the initial release of Ruler of the Waves 1916. We have been taking some time off from the development, but have copious notes and plans to fall back on when we return. More information to come soon!

  • Git Dat Pig! - play free on - 26 Nov 2022

    • Git Dat Pig! is a humorous and addicting puzzle game that features a slippery pig that doesn’t want to get caught. We made this game back in 2014 as one of our first mobile games, but have decided not to keep it published as we focus on more detailed projects. In fact, Google Play even took issue with the humorous phonetic spelling of the title and wanted to have it changed to actual English to remain in the store.