RotW 1916 - Update Announcement - v1.5

08 Dec 2023 - FallingNinja

Early Access Build 6

Release Notes


  • added the minimap
  • select the minimap to quickly travel around the map

Revamped strategy cam

  • edge scrolling
  • Isometric perspective
  • fixed an issue where the mouse wheel changed zoom even when not in the current camera mode

Revamped HUD

  • moved most information to bottom of screen
  • added the hotkey text for turrets
  • added the hotkey text for warships


  • added underwater effect to the camera


  • implemented level bounds
  • shifted starting coordinates on some missions to fit inside minimaps


  • added option for edge scroll speed
  • added option for camera zoom speed


  • fixed an issue where Prepare Broadside failed to activate for client players
  • improved UI stability for client players
  • flags default to red vs blue instead of historical flags

Bug fixes

  • fixed an issue with the Prepare Broadside ability rotating turrets in an invalid way

Project Stats

Issues resolved this sprint: 24

Issues kicked to next sprint: 6

Issues in the backlog: 92

Total issues resolved: 103