Ruler of the Waves 1916 - Mobile Release on iOS

21 Nov 2022 - FallingNinja

Our latest game, Ruler of the Waves 1916, has soft launched onto iOS. In this game, the player commands turrets on mighty Dreadnought-era warships like battleships and battlecruisers with the objective of sinking all the enemy ships across several battles.

The iOS version supports iPhones and iPad and is available for $14.99 or a similar converted price in other currencies. Apple Silicon support is also included.

The game is available for download on the Apple App Store.

While undergoing the final processes before launching on Steam, we decided to test against a mobile device with touch screen controls. The results felt suprisingly intuitive so we went ahead and made a port for mobile gamers.

Here is an alternate App Store link for those outside the US.