RotW 1916 - Update Announcement - v2.0

29 Dec 2023 - FallingNinja

Early Access Build 8

Release Notes

Build 8 brings seven new ships with unique turrets and abilities, UI and gameplay enhancements, bug fixes, and more.

New Ships

Faction Ship Turrets Ability
Imperial Light Cruiser 8 None
Royal Destroyer 3 Lay Mine (Astern)
Imperial U-Boat 1 Submerge; Torpedo
Imperial Torpedo Boat 0 Torpedo
Imperial Zeppelin 0 Drop Bombs
Royal Transport 0 Heal
Imperial Freighter 0 Replenish


  • Begin adding new ships to the campaign missions
  • Fixed an issue where the leviathan boss would tickle boats inside of sinking them


  • Doubled the base movement speed for all boats; Implemented turning radius coefficient
  • Rebalance ships HP and damage a bit
  • Added new projectile types: small round, torpedo, sea mine

Fleet Builder

  • Added new ships to Fleet Builder selection
  • Added an option to alter space between ships in the formation


  • Added “click and drag” selection box
  • Added ability to issue & queue move commands via the minimap


  • Added segmented HP bar for selected ship
  • Added hotkey indicator for the selected ship
  • Added ship speed and other information to the HUD
  • Fixed issue where right click ground could occur through the HUD


  • Fixed an issue where the sound effects would occasionally fail to play
  • Fixed an issue where sounds would continue playing with the menu open
  • Made music persistent in more areas
  • Added a list of all default key controls in the options menu
  • Added option for sound effects volume


  • Missed shot indicators now only display for the instigating player
  • Fix an issue where the overseer view began on Player 1’s fleet as Player 2
  • Physics simulation for projectiles is now server-authoritative
  • Press Enter to select chatbox in lobby
  • Removed chatbox from gameplay

Project Stats

Issues resolved this sprint: 64

Issues kicked to next sprint: 1

Issues in the backlog: 68

Total issues resolved: 209