RotW 1916 - Update Announcement - v1.6

15 Dec 2023 - FallingNinja

Early Access Build 7

Release Notes


  • Added waypoint indicators: displays the current move destination for the active warship; hold the Shift key to view the waypoint queue
  • Added a port/starboard indicator around the active warship to help with aiming broadsides


  • Added hotkeys for prepare broadside ability (port [ , ], reset [ . ], starboard [ / ])


  • Campaign missions now default to tactics mode (i.e. ships are controllable; uses the strategy camera instead of close-up camera)


  • Health and damage numbers have been adjusted to a higher base level to allow more room in the future for balancing
  • Added new Armor attribute into damage calculation formula


  • Added military strategy OST to the game


  • Added new setting for music volume


  • Begin transitioning Fleet Builder, Scenario Options, and Formation Editor to independent menus
  • Added tooltips to the Scenario Options menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where the turret would fail to shoot if selected via hotkey after pressing the minimap
  • Fix an issue where mouse hover sound effects would play for menu items obscured behind a modal
  • Fix an issue where the system mouse cursor sometimes displayed instead of the in-game mouse cursor
  • Fix an issue where the selection indicator displayed slightly off-center
  • Fix an issue where the viewport would fail to capture the mouse in a multi-monitor setup
  • Fix an issue where Team 2 would fail to earn points for sunk boats or turret hits
  • [Multiplayer] Fix a potential soft lock when rapdily changing between overseer view and turret mode

Project Stats

Issues resolved this sprint: 19

Issues kicked to next sprint: 3

Issues in the backlog: 85

Total issues resolved: 133