Retro Remaster Extravaganza

18 Jun 2023 - FallingNinja

After discovering some long lost backups, and tinkering around to update our systems, we are pleased to announce the remastered re-releases of some of the original Falling Ninja games.

This will allow existing owners of these apps to update and play the games on newer devices and for new players to try the apps for the first time. Collectively, the updates are known as the 2023 Redux Editions.

At the moment, the upgrade is only scheduled for Apple devices. An Android update in the future is possible but not currently planned.

Blackfish Orca v1.8 Release Notes

  • iOS 16 compatibility
  • Updated textures
  • Various improvements
  • New Hard and Very, Very Hard Mode
  • Online Leaderboards

blackfish orca gif screenshot

Blackfish Orca

Croquet Pro v2.0 Release Notes

  • Implements free to play model
  • Supports latest devices
  • Uses HTTPS communication for multiplayer
  • Update some textures
  • Retuning of level unlocks
  • UI is no longer obscured by rounded corners on some devices
  • Optional opt-in: Implements GameCenter for Achievements and Leaderboards

croquet redux gif screenshot

Croquet Pro

Offroad Kingz v4.1 Release Notes

  • Supports latest devices
  • Uses HTTPS communication
  • Bug fixes and small improvements

offroad kingz gif screenshot

Offroad Kingz

Cave Escape 3D v2.5.1 Release Notes

  • Runs on latest devices
  • Fixes for level editor upload/download
  • New difficulty mode choice - Hard (Classic Mode) or Easy (Double Jumps)
  • Definitive edition - combines best features of early editions with the extended levels of later editions
  • Bug fixes

cave escape 3d gif screenshot

Cave Escape 3D