Cave Escape is coming soon to Steam!

, hi! 


Cave Escape

is a classic brutal endless runner game starring a dexterous green creature wielding a grappling hook.

This 2018 edition features

all new obstacles plus Story mode with light RPG elements and a dose of nihilistic philosophy.

For the daring,

the original gameplay is still available in Infinite mode. Be warned, however, as peril comes swiftly in the Volcano of the Damned!

Find it here:

Exhibit A: Escapist ponders the meaning life.

Exhibit B: Escapist ponders the meaning of death.

Exhibit C: Escapist neva let da homies go hungry. 

Exhibit D: Escapist gets spooked by a bat. 

Final Exhibit: Escapist swings a way. 

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R.I.P. 2004 - 2018

A Dedication
     - Here Lies Cave Escape.

     Many games came and went from its inception. Some had warriors, spaceships, guns that never ran out of ammunition. Games where there was day and night and nothing to tell for it. Yet they lacked the minutiae, the nuances, the subtlety; the fine brushstrokes of a masterpiece twiddled away hour upon hour on the minutest detail beyond recognition. Intricacies like this distinguish art from imitation. 

     Those doubts and impossibilities that were blind, meaningless to the world around it swayed menacingly like a forbidding fog of betrayal. The cycle was proven but bored and battered. The spark less forgotten than the flame, the debauched reverie a mistaken place of misguided thoughts and action, behooved to the minstrel galleries of planned-out tomorrow. 

     All said and naught, the idea of an allegory returned. Not the learned allegory but a new one on themes mentioned in a populace of free will and self-determination. The superstition of its equivalence to a trapped and repetitive existence lied again misguided, malformed, and malnourished. 

Let this be the note written on my grave. 

    - the Escapist