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Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon Fire
Released: December 2015
Updated: April 2016

Grab a mallet and ball, stake the wickets, and enjoy this refreshing take on the classic backyard game. Shoot, stroke, and knock your way through a hand-designed collection of croquet courts ranging in theme from lawns to outer space. 

Croquet the app is inspired by the sport enjoyed by many in childhood and triumphed in the literary imaginations of Lewis Carroll and Edward Gorey. Such that the sport has been given notice by authors in the whimsical and nonsense tradition, Croquet takes this spirit to heart in the design of each unique court. Some courts, like the leading Monk’s Meadow feature a traditional wicket arrangement. Others – such as the eerie Creepy Castle and ultimate Erstwhile Emptiness – employ asymmetrical tendencies for more curious and intriguing gameplay.

You gain access to new courts through the central feature of Gold Strokes – which accrue when you make a streak of two wickets in a row without allowing an opponent their turn. Passing the ball through a wicket gives you an extra turn. Upon reaching the peg at the halfway point of the croquet court, the first player to return to the starting peg is awarded the win. The game automatically keeps track of the next wicket to pass through so if you are knocked off court you can wait a few seconds for a hint to appear or check the minimap display.

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Another key feature of Croquet is the ability to perform the namesake croquet stroke. A croquet is achieved by striking the ball of another player in the same court. A successful hit gives you a choice – you may either take the defensive route and hit the other ball to put them at a strategic disadvantage or go on the offensive and take an extra stroke. Once the action is taken, you must be careful not to strike the same ball again before your next turn or you are penalized with returning to the same position from which your turn began. This element makes the game much more compelling than simply a race through wickets to the finish.

Croquet is simple and easy to play and can be enjoyed by players of all ages. In fact, the entire game can be played with a single finger. First launching the game will present a tutorial level that explains how to hit the ball, perform a croquet, and complete a match. Basically, to play the game one first selects the ball by tapping it. Then, you tap the ball again to pull out the mallet which you then drag to the desired position to set up the angle and distance of the stroke. Releasing the finger will fire the mallet at the ball and (hopefully!) through the next wicket. If you do not wish to play the tutorial level, you may pause the game and quit the screen to proceed to the main menu. From there, you can select the court to play, get some bling from the Star Store, or configure options such as whether to play background music or view your achievements.