evan godfreyMy name is Evan Godfrey. I began developing games over 10 years ago when I taught myself how to code on a TI-84.  Making games allowed me to combine my imagination and interest in art, music, and gaming.  Falling Ninja Productions is the company name I came up with back then, although I have released games under other names including Golden Idol Productions, Double Goat Productions, and Remnant Games.  Many of my best games from this period are lost somewhere in a data black hole, a fact that both discourages and inspires me.  I have come a long way from such beginnings, though I often find myself reminiscing on this time of unfiltered creativity and talent. 

Top Secret Studios is the latest chapter in my story as a game maker. I devote as much time as I can to making a variety of iOS and Android apps. I draw inspiration from my every day life and current events or videos I find interesting or weird. Some of my apps, like Git Dat Pig, are just a silly idea that made myself chuckle that I matched with a fun gameplay mechanic. Other games, like Offroad Kingz and Croquet, are more conventional and substantiated. I strive to create work that will one day be seen in the same light as authors and musicians, rather than just another game on the internet. 

 I am the founder and sole member of Top Secret Studios.